Cat Portal in plaster wall between the dining room and landing of cellar stairs, to eliminate feline traffic through the kitchen, allowing cats to reach their powder room. Opening: 11"

To see more of the Portal, and the house it is in, go here.

Commissioned by: Boogs, Matt "The Worst Friend" LeBlanc, and Babycat.


My name is hand traced (incorrectly from an antique letter guide), in grey ink, and the website address is typed with a typewriter from which i removed the ribbon, so it's sort of stamped, inklessly, into the paper. The paper is from an old blank book from the early 1900's. I used a ticket punch on the left edge, a corner radius punch for the top right edge, and metallic ink for the stripe at the top.
The last image is backlit.

This started off as a good idea, and ended up as a good idea. But, there was a point in the middle, when i realized that it takes almost exactly 6 minutes (i timed it) to make each card--that is what i like to call "inefficient," or what the french refer to as a "poor use of time."
But, as it is, i am punctilious and would rather do it this way. And i'm happy with them--i think they are quite handsome, and fit nicely with my personal aesthetic.





Three dates for a calendar exhange project. Handmade.
4" x 4"